Cannot install com_joomlamailermailchimpintegration_v2.0.5 on j2.5.24

24 Sep 2014 04:40 #2434 by ajimena
I spent 3 days installing and unisntalling this component with no luck at all to set it up because there is no way to load the extension. It is listed on the administrator menu, but when you click over the links generated after the supposed installation (with the errors listed below) they do not load.

Installation Errors:
Error instalando componente
500 - Ha ocurrido un error.

I am running joomla 2.5.24
php version: 5.4.32

Other extensions I have running:

I saw in joomla reviews that almost no answer is given here in this forum, hope despite of my poor English I am lucky enough to receive an answer.

I an also make an access to a forum moderator to my website in order to see what is that most surely am I doing wrong.

Thanks a lot in advance for the education and consideration of an answer.

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  • Pete
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25 Sep 2014 21:24 #2436 by Pete
Hello ajimena,

I can not reproduce this. Please send a superadmin login to so I can try it myself and see what the problem is.

Kind regards,

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26 Sep 2014 17:25 #2437 by ajimena
Hi. Sorry for the delay in my response. I sent you an email with the data to login. THank you very very very much!, really!.

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  • Jime
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28 Sep 2014 17:57 #2441 by Jime
I finally managed to make the extension work.
I post here in case someone experiences something like me.

I made a local copy of my website (prior to this extension install).
Then I installed the extension. There it worked like a charm.
I do not understand yet why id did no worked on my live website...

Then I exported the db on loacl install via phpmyadmin, but just this:
(your table prefix here)_joomailermailchimpintegration
(your table prefix here)_joomailermailchimpintegration_campaigns
(your table prefix here)_joomailermailchimpintegration_crm
(your table prefix here)_joomailermailchimpintegration_crm_users
(your table prefix here)_joomailermailchimpintegration_custom_fields
(your table prefix here)_joomailermailchimpintegration_misc

Then I imported the db via phpmyadmin, and carefully copied every folder created by thu extension in the local host to the website in which the extension was not working and volila!, Now everything is running like a charm.

The folder are:

- In components folder upload these folders

- In plugins folder upload this folder

- In modules folder upload this folder

- In media folder

- In Language folders:
In de-DE folder upload this file

In en-EN folder upload this file

In es-ES folder folder upload this file

- In administration folder:
GO to:
A) components folder upload these folders

B) Modules folder upload this folder

C) Language folder upload these files
In de-DE folder upload

In en-EN folder upload

In es-ES folder upload

I just LOVE this extension.

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11 May 2022 16:00 #2725 by hardingaj
Hi, I have what I think might be a similar problem.

I'm using Joomla 3.10.9 and JoomlaMailer 3.0.3

I have just downloaded and installed JoomlaMailer but the submit button to submit the API does not respond. The page also appears incorrectly formatted. Screenshot attached.

I cannot see any specific JoomlaMailer tables in the database (if that's relevant).

I can see the Newsletter component but cannot get past this Set Up screen

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