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Supercharge Your Email Campaigns with Mailchimp®

Welcome to the next level of email marketing! We're thrilled to present an exclusive opportunity to elevate your user's email marketing experience through our enterprise-level Joomla extension.

Why pay for it?

 Contribute to Development: Developing new features and maintaining existing code is a time consuming endeavour. By choosing to purchase our subscription for a nominal fee, you actively contribute to the ongoing development of Joomlamailer. Be a part of the innovation that shapes the future of our software.

 Enhanced Security: Your peace of mind matters. Benefit from advanced security features, regular updates, and proactive measures to safeguard the invaluable data and privacy of your business and customers.

 Seamless Integration: Our extension offers features like no other. We unleash the full power of Mailchimp right in your Joomla site. There is nothing comparable on the market and we keep adding new features all the time. Unlock unparalleled compatibility with other tools and platforms. Make Joomlamailer an integral part of your digital ecosystem effortlessly.

Join the Elite Circle of Joomlamailer Enthusiasts!

Become a pioneer in the next chapter of Joomlamailer. Upgrade to our premium subscription and make a statement as part of the elite circle of enthusiasts who recognize the value of top-notch features and support.

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What you get in a nutshell:

  •  Downloads & updates
    • Get access to all downloads and updates for a full year.
    • What happens after one year? You can continue to use the extension without limitations. However, you will miss out on the latest cutting-edge features and updates.
  •  Install on multiple domains
    • You can install the extension on any domain you want. No limitations. No domain verification required.
  •  Access to our Support forum
    • Get support for the extension via the Support forum.
      Response time aim: within 48 hours. Usually less than 12 hours.
  •  14 day money back guarantee
    • Not happy with the extension? Or you have no use for it after trying it out? Simply ask for your money back!
  • Open Source code
    • The code is open source (GPL), meaning there is no form of code encryption. No use of code encryption like Zend Guard or ionCube.

Note: Prices are shown excluding tax. VAT may apply to EU based customers.

Duration: 1 Year
Price: 4.99€