One of the primary reasons for the name change was that we were basically offering two similar API integrations from two different service providers on the same website, under a similar name, which might have been confusing to some users. Also one of them was free and the other one had a small cost attached to it.

This might give the indication that one is better than the other, which in some way wasn't quite the case, because they both catered to users with different needs. But over time the MailChimp API developed to be so much better than the other provider that we were able to build a huge variety of features and make it a complete newsletter management solution and more. And this is the reason why we thought it would be best to dedicate a site exclusively to the MailChimp integration.

If you have been using Joomailer - the MailChimp integration before, then all you have to do is use the liveupdate inside the extension or download it from the new site (that you are already on) and upgrade to the latest version. This will adjust all the logos and add some new features.