When you are running a marketing campaign, you would want to follow up with potential and existing customers. Those using CRM systems already know this very well. This is why we have extended the registration plugin as well as the list manager to allow you to add users to your CRM. So far SugarCRM and Highrise are available and we are looking into Salesforce.

First thing you need to do is add your account credentials and API key to the parameters screen, which can be accessed via the dashboard.

Then you can add your existing site users via the list manager from where you also import them into MailChimp. You will find 2 buttons in the toolbar for each CRM.

One is for additional settings the other is for adding the users. The name and email address are added by default, but if you have Jomsocial or Community Builder installed, where you can create custom profile fields for your users to fill out, then you can assign them from this configuration screen.

The rest works just like adding your users to MailChimp. Select them and click add users. Done and good to go.