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I need Joomla! & the Mailchimp Extensions

Choose this if you already have hosting, but you need a Mailchimp
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Free Webinars

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In the meantime you can sign up for one of MailChimp's webinars to get you started with their system.

Learn about Mailchimp

Get to know the system behind joomlamailer and learn how to use all the awesome functions that MailChimp makes available to you... for free. With their new Freemium plan you are sure to get your business off the ground. Learn more...

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Our range of feature videos on the landing page gives you a clear overview of what you can do with joomlamailer. They should get you up to speed in no time!
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Do you want to master Joomla! and take care of your own sites like a pro? These guys will teach you everything from A to Z and then some:

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Mailchimp Questions

Got a question regarding your MailChimp account?
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Need help with Joomla!?

Joomla! is the open source content management software for which the joomlamailer extension is written. You can find many useful infos on their site

joomlamailer extension questions

Got trouble with the Joomla! extension: joomlamailer?
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Free Extensions

K2 Powerful Content Component
Include K2 articles into your newsletters with table of contents, popular articles and more.

Premium Extensions

Display featured members and group discussions in your newsletters and allow your members to sign up for your newsletters when registering to yor site.

Extra Compatibility

See stats and initiate campaigns on your dashboard with the new admin panel module.
Community Builder
Allow your members to signup for your newsletters when registering to your site.
Display selected subscriptions in your newsletters.
Display VirtueMart products in your newsletter sidebar or content area.
Display selected subscriptions in your newsletters.