joomlamailer structure & functions overview

joomlamailer structure & functions overview

This is the structure of the extension:

1. Component (used to manage lists, import users, create campaigns, view reports etc)
        A. Component overview
        B. Draft creation
        C. Campaign Sending
2. Subscriber Module (Lets your visitors subscribe even when they are not members of your site)
3. Registration Plugin (integrates with the Joomla! registration process and works with 99% of templates)
4. Admin Panel Module

Here is a rundown of features:

1. The joomlamailer Component

- Things you can do from within Joomla!:

    A. Component Overview
    o Components Dashboard
        - Initiate the create draft process to build a campaign
        - See your account details
        - View saved drafts that you have created in the past but not sent
        - See a quick list of the most recent campaigns that have been sent to quickly compare performance of your last campaign to previous ones)
        - Access all other areas of the site including the params and configuration, where you can add you API keys)
        - Chimpchatter
        - Links to relevant support pages (joomlamailer and mailchimp support)

    o List Manager
        - Manage lists and their users (Also works with Jomsocial and Community Builder users)
        - Create and manage interest groups and merge fields
        - Import users from Joomla! to MailChimp
        - Import users from Joomla! to SugarCRM
        - Import users from J! to Highrise
        - People that are registered on the site and are on one of your MailChimp lists, receive an extended Profile
         (which further integrates with Klout if a twitter username is available, gravatar and the two subscription management extensions that joomlamailer currently supports)
                - Based on the purchases, we added another scoring system, which shows you how hot a user is when viewing their profile. By hot we mean how many subscriptions he has bought) This system is easily extendable for other joomla shopping cart solutions. The scoring for each extension is a single file that can be modified to fit your needs.

    o Campaigns View
        - Browse campaigns of different statuses and from different folders
        - Apply different actions to campaigns of different statuses (for example you can pause a scheduled campaign from here)
        - View html archive

    o Reports
        - Send VIP report
        - View stats by campaign
        - Compare multiple campaigns by checking their boxes and selecting which result you want to compare(i.e. % of unique clicks over multiple campaigns )
        - Analytics 360 plugin initially for WordPress ported to Joomla! and integrated inside of joomlamailer.

    B. Template Creation
        - Select from a few templates to use as the base for your own template.
        - Palette options are pulled from the API. shuffle colors by clicking again on the same palette option.
        - Clear and then rearrange the placeholders for dynamic contents to display whatever you want whereever you want
        - Change typography
        - Upload header graphic
        - Download freshly saved template to edit manually and then re-upload to use in campaigns.

    C. Draft Creation
        - There are 5 tabs that you have to go through before sending your campaign
            - Main Settings
                    > Stuff like campaign name, subject, from name etc
            - Content
                    > here comes the interesting part, you get your regular WYSIWYG at the top to write an intro text. Inside of it you can also insert merge tags via dropdowns. Below your editor you will find a list of all joomla content articles, which you can then add via a checkbox to your newsletter. You can also choose if it's just the intro text of the article or the full-text. (Rearrange the order via drag and drop)
                    > this is also where we have integrated with other 3rd party components to pull in contents for the user to select to be added to the newsletter. You can insert blog posts from K2 '('.$this->handle_raw_url('') very popular content component, discussion starters or user profiles from Jomsocial '('.$this->handle_raw_url('') also a popular community system or subscription details with links for users to buy them from AEC '('.$this->handle_raw_url('') and Ambra Subscriptions '('.$this->handle_raw_url('') … Itemid=146) same ones as for the user profiles
            - Sidebar
                    > WYSIWYG plus several dynamic options such as: table of contents with and without anchorlinks, list of popular articles from your joomla site. And of course this is where you can enter your social media profile infos to link to them.
            - Analytics
                    > Toggle google analytics tracking for the campaign
            - Folder
                    > In order to push the user to a better organization of his campaigns the folder tab has been added, which makes assigning the campaign to a folder part of the draft creation process.

You can preview your campaign at any point in time while creating you draft.

    D. Campaign Sending

            - Campaign Options
                    > Choose list and set some further tracking options
                    > e-com 360 toggle switch
            - Send Campaign Test
            - Schedule Delivery or Send Now
                    > Turn on MailChimp's TimeWarp
                    > Schedule and Send
            - Segmentation
                    > Almost all segmentation options that are available on MailChimp are also here available
            - Social Integrations
                    > Turn on auto tweet
            - Autoresponders
                    > MailChimp allows to create autoresponders, ff you want to create one in joomlamailer, you create a campaign draft just as you would normally and on the send page you choose your settings for it and save it.

2. Subscriber Module (Let's your visitors subscribe even when they are not members of your site)
                [ Can be accessed via the Module Manager in the Extensions Menu inside Joomla! or from the "Extensions" page from the joomlamailer dashboard. ]

    o Frontend
        - Display fields and interest groups in a module position to let people subscribe on your site
        - Display some text that you set in the configuration

    o Configuration
        - Select list, merge fields and interest groups to be displayed
        - You can create multiple modules for different pages that display different subscription options(merge fields/interest groups) or link to different lists

3. Registration Plugin (integrates with the Joomla! registration process and works with 99% of templates)
                [ Can be accessed via the Plugin Manager in the Extensions Menu inside Joomla! or from the "Extensions" page from the joomlamailer dashboard. ]

    o Frontend
        - Adds additional options to the registration page: Merge fields, interest groups and a checkbox to let the user that is registering to become a sitemember decide if he wants to receive the newsletter
        - These fields then populate the Joomla! user table as well as the MailChimp subscriber list.
        - You have the option to also use this plugin to import users straight to Highrise or SugarCRM upon sign up.
        - Plugin also records the IP when a user registers and sends it to MailChimp for time warping and geolocation once the user has clicked the confirmation link in the default Joomla! account activation email.
        - Modifies the Joomla! user profile so that it also displays the newsletter preferences to the logged in user. Site members can change their interest groups or unsubscribe from the newsletter without having a link in an email handy.
        - Compatible with JomSocial, Community Builder, K2, Morph '('.$this->handle_raw_url('')

    o Configuration
        - Select list, merge fields and interest groups to be displayed
        - Select CRM you want to import new users too. All new users that activate their site account are added, regardless of their newsletter status.

4. Admin Panel Module
    Was specifically conceived to work with the brand new Adminpraise3 Experience '('.$this->handle_raw_url('') for Joomla! administrators, but is also a handy tool for any Joomla! admin. Adminpraise brings the focus to the Joomla! Dashboard and we put the joomlamailer infos on your dashboard.' '.$this->handle_raw_url('') … ponent.php

    o Backend control panel
        - This module displays the stats of the most recent campaign and a button to start creating a campaign draft.

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