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Whether you're a small-business or a multi-national, if you're running Joomla! and want the peace of mind that your email campaigns are in good hands, search no more. Inject Joomla! with Mailchimp, one of the greatest Email Service Providers on the market. By pushing Mailchimp to its limits we offer you unprecedented features, plus integrations with popular 3rd party extensions, such as K2, JomSocial and more...

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MailChimp API 3.0


Mailchimp has rebuilt the API from the ground up and it's time to switch! We worked hard during the last months and we are proud to announce the release of a completely new Joomlamailer version exclusively consuming the Mailchimp API v3. The entire codebase has been evaluated, updated to use the new API and re-written in large portions. We are confident that this release not only ensures the uninterrupted availability once the previous API versions will be discontinued, we also believe that this version increases overall performance and stability of the product itself.

Previous joomlamailer releases rely on an older API version, which will be discontinued in the near future. All API versions older than 3.0 have been officially declared as no longer supported by 31. December 2016. They will continue to work for some time but nobody knows how long exactly and it is strongly encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible to avoid any service interruption.

joomlamailer. Joomla! and Mailchimp, together at last!

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Create a Draft

Posted by Peter Ader on 27 March 2011
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See how quickly you can create a draft with articles or K2 posts. Explore the simplicity and basic features of the campaign creation process.

Last modified on Sunday, 27 March 2011 15:46