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Joomla! 3 ready

The day has come. After many months of hard work, powering through weekends and consuming several tons of bananas, our IT chimps have accomplished the task that so many were eagerly waiting for: making Joomlamailer compatible with Joomla! 3!

We have revised every single line of the 55.000 lines Joomlamailer consists of. A large portion of the code has been rewritten and largely improved. You will notice a big improvement in regards to response times and overall usability of the admin interface.

Along with this update we are rolling out a plugin system, which allows 3rd party developers to easily extend the Joomlamailer create newsletter interface so that you will be able to select items from their components and include them in your newsletters. Components, which are already included in this versions are: Joomla core articles, K2 items, Virtuemart products as well as JomSocial profiles and discussions.

The Joomlamailer roadmap from here is focussed on adding more content plugins in the near future and making some parts of the component more robust, such as adding the newsletter checkbox and options to the front-end registration form and the user profile page. Once this is done we have a whole bunch of other improvements and great ideas on the todo list, which we are currently evaluating and assigning priorities to.

Please report any problems you come across in our forums! We would also like to hear your ideas for new features or comments of any kind.

If you like Joomlamailer we would appreciate if you leave a 5-star review in the Joomla extensions directory.

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It was a mere coincidence that the last version was called joomlamailer 1.6, but didn't work with Joomla! 1.6/1.7 yet. But joomlamailer 1.7 does, which is now available for download for those using Joomla! 1.7.

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Friday, 22 April 2011 02:00

We are going to CMS Expo and JandBeyond

There are many events around the world for Joomla! enthusiasts to take part of. J!Days and J!UGs are a plenty, but there are also two special events that are filled with a particularly high density of interesting people. CMS Expo, being in Chicago, caters primarily to North Americans. JandBeyond is happening at a different venue this year, in Kerkarde, Netherlands. Centrally located, this location offers easy connections for travelers from all around Europe and beyond.

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Tuesday, 01 February 2011 15:03

Why Joomailer is now called joomlamailer

One of the primary reasons for the name change was that we were basically offering two similar API integrations from two different service providers on the same website, under a similar name, which might have been confusing to some users. Also one of them was free and the other one had a small cost attached to it.

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