Stable release of Mailchimp v3 version

Posted by Peter Ader on 08 July 2017

Freddie loves JoomlamailerWe are proud to announce the immediate availablility of the stable release consuming exclusively the Mailchimp API v3. After months of hard work we are finally confident that this release lives up to our standards and delivers the excellent user experience and performance that we expect from our products. 

The entire codebase has been evaluated and rewritten in most parts. This not only connects our product to the latest API version available and ensures the continuous stability, it also includes countless code improvements and updates to modern coding technology and standards. We are confident that this update will improve the overall performance of the software and increase the user experience. 

We encourage everybody to update immediately as previous versions could stop working at any moment due to the end of life of their consumed API versions. All API versions before 3.0 have been officially declared as deprecated and no longer supported as of 31. December 2016. They are still functioning at this moment but will be disabled in the near future.

If you have any thoughts or questions or in case you come across any problems in the latest Joomlamailer version please let us know in the forums.